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.*.This is the Story of a Girl.*.

.:you absolutely love her:.

25 March
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Sum it Up: megan. 17. hampton va. phoebus high school. rising senior. in love. emo. funny. picky. outgoing. shy. conscious. loved. hated. and thats whats up. ;)

The Nicknames: Meg, Megs, Phammy, Junior, Spam

The Look: shoulder length med brown hair, honey brown eyes, 65 inches tall, 120 pounds

The Status: BOYFRIEND, Chris Huff :)

The Life of: Hectic. boring. exciting. dramatic. emotional. chaotic. lonely. joyous. happy. sad. interesting. meaningless. meaningful. for the most part... enjoyable

On Another Note... if you dont like what you've read, get over it bc i'm one step in front of you already. :) i'm not here to impress anyone and make people like me. i'm the way i am for a reason, and if you can't handle it, move on. i'm tired of people trying to tell me how to live my life just bc theirs sucks. bc let's face it. i don't care. u shouldn't waste your time to care either. yep.


Greatest Journal Name Is..: be_scene

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Contact: AIM: HlPSlipsFNGRTlPS

more later. <33