the awaited updates

summer is going by far too fast, however, good times spending the entire thing with my awesome b/f who might i add is also the coolest most bestest friend ever.. and of course my other cliquesters james, angie, joe, tom, ry, rich, michelle, etc. the coolest kids ever most definately. :)

the fourth was nicely spend partying up at mi casa where tons of DDR and might i add... strike three... you're out ;) get it?

Chris' new pad is super chill.. and pretty far away, but i must say its freaking fantabulous to get out of hampton every day.

i picked up the new Ashlee Simpson CD yesterday which is practically a Best Buy steal @ 9.99$... i like it. its cute... very mixy... like gwen+michelle+christina+lots more all into one.

my car IS AWESOME... haters :) and is beasting all over rice cakes. ;P

hair color woes are annoying me 100xcrazy, but the right color is just around the corner... wstch out girls

and much love to TerBear <3 my super sweet lucious lova

Fall... with you I fall so fast / I can hardly catch my breath.. / I hope it lasts... / Oh it seems like I can finally rest my head on something real.. I like the way that feels / Oh it's as if you know me better than I ever knew myself / I love how you can tell / All the pieces of me.. / cbh <3
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x. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? The Passion... every1 i know gets emocore with it
x. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? pinky toe *blushie* its so widdle.. err
x. Do you have a completely irrational fear? bird poop
x. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment? looking away
x. Are you a pyromaniac? no, i don't think so
x. Do you have too many love interests? only one
x. Do you know anyone famous? yep...
x. Describe your bed: its dumb. futon bunk... and i hit my head sometimes.
x. Spontaneous or plan? plans are good... spontaneous is sometimes fun
x. Do you know how to play poker? not well enough to win high cash flow, yo.
x. What do you carry with you at all times? keys, phone, chapstick.
x.What do you miss most about being little? being completely spoiled
x. Are you happy with your given name? uhh its ok

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ok dang my update from 2 days ago didnt work. oh well.

sum it up... !

things are great
work is good
me and chris are the best weve ever been
summer daize is on its way... with less than 2 weeks til exam week, im way more than just stoked. =)
the car is going good... new paint on the way... watch out haters 8-)

and thats it. <3 kiss kiss..-megan
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a much needed update

wow, so its ALMOST summer... i am super anxious for summer bummin' daize. its going to be awesome... especially with Christopher by my side 100 %. i cant wait

work is good. some new cools chicks and some no1 can stand. :) its cool though, every1 is stressed about school coming to an end... but ooohhhh so happy as well. My girl Rhandi is FINALLY happy, which is all the awesomest. :) much love girl.

The only thing that will suck is OB's hours... why oh why?!?! arent they open for the friggin lunch periods? arg! oh well, i will have to make it work bc i adore my job x 1000.

2 more weeks of school! im incredibly stoked for summer waves, if i can get a board thats not cracked!! ugh... maybe next weekend.

Also, this weekend sucks bc we were SUPPOSED to go somewhere but chris waited til the last minute, and im at home while he plays with his car... uhm whatup usual weekend. bleh! anywho, him and james got the apartment, which makes me sick.

the best thing about the end of the school year... NO MORE 04'.. hell yeh... get the hell out :) [excluding aselect few]
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wad up lj friends/acquaintances/users :)

havent updated in awhile. i seriously have no time what-so-ever to update...

NOPI sucked pretty badly... mainly bc of petty stuff and not feeling well... and leaving early.

the weekend was short, but almost enjoyable

and school sucked.. bc it's school. its good to know that the year is about winding down with SOL crap, and my classes are like, mad easy right now. I hate chem class for the simple fact that Ms. Sauerbrei is getting anal, like.. wHOA. Math is a breeze and so is history, which is great. Summer is just around the corner, and no more 04' (woop woop... for the MOST part, anyway) ;)

Work is going alright. Iverson came in on Friday, and Kevin was all kinds of excited, but it was packed @ss. and i didnt even close, but i was there til close? yeh. sucky. So Chris came and got me, and we just chilled out and got some grub (the grossest thing eva!!!) and we watched some TV.

Saturday, woke up... to James throwing rocks at my window and ringing my house/cell phone off the hook. took a shower, and chris slept... We headed to Angela's.. chilled out and got some Wendy's... then we all 4 went to the grocery store, and Chris got air heads... and they were goodies. :) The boys changed C's break pads, and me and Ang just chilled out on her uber comfy bed and watched The Osbournes. Me and C left and chilled out at my house, got some restage, and later went back to Ang's bc they were playing with Sean's turbo... the night was whack, but good times with my honey.

Sunday.. woke up LATE... (12ish) and me and C just watched some Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno... reruns own us. Then we went to the mall... and got some stuff @ Old Navy and to Aeropostle and then to look at jewelry!!!!... pretty watches for chris... and gorgeous rings for moi! yepp :D then we got some grubbage, and looked at a bomb mag. from REEDS... pretty rings :) mmmm yay ;) Then we went home and just chilled... napped, and he went to work and i did my eng paper and talked to my best bud, Mathew. i haven't talked to him in forever!! and then i went sleepy.

This mornin, i was happy to hear from Chris :) but school sucked... now im gonna chill wif my honey, then off to work. ew :|
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all is good and well

I woke up worried about my honey, bc he wasnt where he was supposed to be, poor Chris.. He is sickly... awh <3

School today was very fast paced. Cept my student teacher for Lit. is like... annoying as heck... and preC. i totally ACED the math quiz... bc i rock face. yes. i do. Then to Lunch, where me and Caity hit up the local TacoFriedChicken and then to mi casa to do a quick change and to get some slurpage, on Cait's part. then back to school, where we definately had to bolt like lightning bc icky Chambers and the rest of the A-NAL high staff were occupying the drop off area of the school... yikes. but i managed to sneak my way by cutting across the lawn, just as the end of lunch bell rang. woop. German was a BREEZE bc of a much needed substitute, with 2 book work exercises, and a piece of cake EXTRA CREDIT assignment, i found myself with PLENTY of extra time to just chill out for one of the first times this week. (besides yest. when i got major chill time with me girl, CAITLIN ELIZABETH HOLZWORTH, son)

so since i get out @ 1, i am very delighted to see my wonderfully, hot boyfriend, Christopher pulling up to wisp me away. :) he is theeeee best. foreal. <3333

then to tanning with my baybuh, where he got to experience the HEAT WAVE, and none the less, he hated it. it burned him badly. but the results are super killer. foreal

so today, maybe some chillage with Caity again bc i miss her already, and lameness bc Ang left to go to NC bc i dont think Jamester wanted to come down this weekend. dag, that sucks, but none the less, NOPI tomorrow will own, and me and my baby will have a great time, even though with Ang and James there, times would be most enjoyable. <3

i can't wait til 11 rolls around bc quite frankly its only been 3 hrs, and im missin' my Chris. no good.
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and life just is... perfect

what a bea-u-tiful day. so im out with Angie... to beach it... then to tan, then to Hooter's then who knows. i miss my baby... very much. he is GREAT. i <3 him much. he <3's me much... it's all gravy... summer is on it's way and the weather is bad@ss.

NOPI this weekend, and im UBER excited... not to mention work tomorrow, then NO WORK til next monday bc im picking up shifts, dang. what a nice lady thing i am.

Now, shower so i can shave for the beach. holla at me :)